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Initiating Family Court Action


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What sort of information should you bring during your consultation with an attorney? The simple answer is to bring any relevant paperwork or evidence you have that will help your attorney help you in your case. For example, if you have already been served with family court pleadings, bring those to your initial appointment so that your attorney can see what has been asked for and assess the situation. If you are bringing a modification action and you already have a family court order you would like to change, bring that order so that your attorney can understand what that court provided for and how they can help you make a change. If you would like to initiate a divorce or separation action, bring any relevant paperwork that talks about your income, your spouse’s income, any major assets including mortgage balances, vehicle lean balances, retirement statements, or other documents of that nature that will help your attorney get the process started to understand your assets and better help you protect your rights with regard to those assets.

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