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What Not to Post on Social Media during a Divorce or Custody Action

By The Cate Law Firm |

Divorce is a highly emotional time, and couples who are going through this process often feel the need to talk to someone about what they are experiencing. One outlet on which many divorcing spouses find tempting to express how they feel is social media. Most of us use social media to stay connected with… Read More »

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How Will a Criminal Record Impact Child Custody and Visitation in South Carolina?

By The Cate Law Firm |

During a divorce, child custody and visitation are important issues that must be resolved. These issues can emotionally-charged, and divorcing spouses often have serious disagreements about who should have the kids and/or how much time the non-custodial parent is allowed to spend with them. When parents are unable to agree on these issues, it… Read More »

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