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How to Choose a Divorce lawyer

How to Choose a Divorce Attorney

By The Cate Law Firm |

Deciding to pursue a divorce or separation is certainly a difficult decision, but it can be only the first of many. You now need to hire a divorce attorney to ensure that someone fights for your rights and the best interests of your children. With issues as contentious as child custody and support, alimony,… Read More »

how to get a passport for children of divorced parents

Obtaining a Passport for a Child in a Divorced Home

By The Cate Law Firm |

Traveling outside of the United States can become complicated in the best of circumstances. When you desire to have your minor child accompany you and you’re no longer married or together with his or her other parent, the situation can grow complex in a hurry. The federal government imposes strict regulations about obtaining consent… Read More »

divorce and taxes

How Divorce Effects Taxes

By The Cate Law Firm |

It’s that time of year again – tax time, that is. Indeed, taxes are due April 17, 2018, which means that if you haven’t started filing–or at least asked for an extension–the deadline is slowly closing in. If you were recently divorced, or if you are in the middle of a divorce, you may… Read More »

divorce lawyer in south carolina

Thinking of Divorce? Start Doing These 3 Things Now

By The Cate Law Firm |

Marriage isn’t always easy, and the average couple in a marriage will experience many highs and lows over their years together, with some of the lows being so low that the intervention of marriage counselor or other professional is a necessity. Indeed, some couples may even spend time apart at some point over the… Read More »

hot to adopt in South Carolina

How To Adopt A Child in South Carolina

By The Cate Law Firm |

Some of the happiest moments in South Carolina’s family courts take place when a judge finalizes an adoption. While some adoptions can be simple, such as when a stepparent or grandparent adopts their stepchild or grandchild and all parties consent, others are more complicated. When parental rights must be terminated, or there are matters… Read More »

new spouse adopt my child

I Want My New Spouse to Adopt my Child

By The Cate Law Firm |

The make-up of the American family has shifted considerably, and we now embrace a wide variety of domestic situations that are in a child’s best interests. In some cases, a stepparent may wish to fill the void that exists in a family and legally adopt their spouse’s children. While close relationships are possible without… Read More »

how is child support calculated

How Is Child Support Calculated in South Carolina?

By The Cate Law Firm |

Making sure that all children are provided for is one of the primary goals of the family courts throughout South Carolina. That means that when parents divorce, child support is almost always part of the divorce settlement; both parents have a legal obligation to provide for their child financially. If you are not the… Read More »

divorce and your credit score

Can Divorce Impact My Credit Score?

By The Cate Law Firm |

If you are thinking about ending your marriage and filing for a divorce, you have probably weighed all of the issues. Indeed, there is no doubt you have thought endlessly about the effect of getting a divorce on your personal and psychological wellbeing, your friends and family, your children, and even your finances. But… Read More »

divorce lawyer in south carolina

Bankruptcy and Divorce

By The Cate Law Firm |

Bankruptcy and divorce are both exceptionally stressful events for most people. When you’re facing both at the same time, it can feel like your life will never be stable again. You undoubtedly have many questions about how one affects the other. The Cate Law Firm is here to ensure that you understand the process… Read More »

second marriage and finances

Finances in Your Second Marriage

By The Cate Law Firm |

It’s wonderful to find love again after a divorce or the death of your first spouse. It can also be complicated when the new couple decides to marry if one or both has children, debts, and assets from the previous relationship. While money can create a source of tension in any coupled relationship, it… Read More »

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